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With Just One Pill A Day You Could:
  • Boost your working memory
  • Perform at a high rate at work or school
  • Quickly process information
  • Cut through brain fog
  • Have fewer distractions
  • Reduce stress
  • Mentally prepare for exams or projects
  • Perform better under fatigue
  • Make effective decisions
  • Aquire new skills more easily
Every Ingredient in BrainPill™ Was Carefully Selected for its Scientifically Proven Ability to Support Your Brain Health
So You Think You’re Smart…
Let's do a test...

We're going to give your cognitive skills a run for their money. Don't worry if you don't fare well at this point – because BrainPill can definitely help!

1. Memorize this list of numbers.

1. Enter the numbers in reverse order into the screen.


2. Click "Start Test".

2. Click 'View Results' to finish the test.


You've got the cognitive skills of a 5 year-old if you got two of the numbers right. Nudge that to age ten with four correct answers. Six numbers means you’re up there with a 30 year-old adult.

And congratulations – you're officially a genius if you got eight or more numbers correct.

How did you do?

Don't worry if your results are a little humbling. The point of that exercise is simply to see where you stand, and if you're sliding a little.

If you did well, that's awesome. Brain Pill can make your memory even more impressive. And if you didn't, don't worry, because there's an answer for that too!

BrainPill™ Enhances:
  • Focus, day or night, no matter what’s going on around you

  • Better performance, when you’re jet lagged, tired or lacking sleep

  • Ability to solve complex problems, giving you an instant competitive advantage

  • Improved reading recall

  • Pushing your mental limits when needed

  • Feeling more alert and awake and ready to go

  • Being at your best

Reality Check: your brainpower peaks around age 30. After, your brain begins to shrink and slow down, effects that catch up with you in your 40s and 50s.

Now, you’ll combat “aging brain” and stay sharper, more competitive and mentally flexible – in your 20s, 30s, 40s and way beyond, because…


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